Senior Citizen and Elderly Services

There are a large variety of senior citizen and elderly services. It is therefore essential to learn the subtle differences between the levels of support available in order to develop the best plan for each individual. The following gives a more in-depth description of each of the kinds of senior citizen and elderly services available in Singapore.

Hourly Care

This provision allows for the creation of custom plans around a personal daily schedule. This option has personal assistants arrive at the individual’s home at certain times during the day according to that individual’s needs and preferences. Giving the assistance on an as-needed basis helps make this plan more cost effective. Personal assistants help with a diversity of needs including companionship and household chores.

Live-In Care

In this service, highly-trained personal assistants stay with the elder in 24-hour shifts to maintain round-the-clock care and attention. This is a great option for senior citizen and elderly who live alone; they can remain at home and feel secure knowing that there is assistance available whenever needed. It also provides the companionship that cannot always be extended by family members who live further away.

Care For Couples

This provision is just like the live-in care option, but for couples. Older couples are able to continue enjoying the comfort and love of their marriage while receiving the assistance they need. Sometimes with age, it becomes more challenging for couples to physically care for one another, so a personal assistant can be a great help to ensure all needs are met.

Companion Care

This form of care includes regular visits from a personal assistant so that seniors may experience companionship, conversation, and friendship as well as aid with basic daily tasks. The assistants offer sincere emotional and domestic support.

Essential Services

These senior citizen and elderly services are customizable to each individual’s needs. This option offers comfort and support in everyday living for those who function independently but need a little help with basic tasks. Specific services incorporate daily wellness checks, bed linen changes, verifying that medication was taken, unpacking groceries, and much more.


This provision is great for seniors who live independently but need assistance with getting around. Potential places that transportation can be offered to include grocery stores, the post office, the bank, the pharmacy, physical therapy, visits to see family and friends, doctor appointments, etc.

Transitional Care

For senior citizen and elderly especially in Singapore recently released from the hospital who require assistance transitioning back to home life, this service helps to ease the frustration that comes with a lack of mobility by offering support and company. Whether rehabilitating from an injury or coping with a disability, personal assistants can help with bathing, moving from room to room, meal preparation, and grocery shopping.

There is a wide selection of senior citizen services to choose from after arriving at the decision to arrange for assisted care for a loved one. Assisted care does not mean that an elderly citizen can no longer live independently. It simply means that they will have access to help when they need it.