Elderly and Senior Citizen Services

Senior Citizens and the elderly have always played a major role in contributing to the establishment of human civilization. But the elderly have frequently been mistaken for unnecessary beings in the family. It affects their state of mind as they are made to understand that they are no longer an important part of the family. According to CAI (Committee of Ageing Issues), it often gives a negative impression that the elderly are dependent upon the working section of the society. The committee has also reported that aged should be the responsibility of the family itself.

Here, in Singapore, with the growth in the population and the increase in chronic ailments, have made healthcare for elderly quite costly. The government of Singapore has been quite concerned with the growing population of the aged and stated that employability for senior citizens may increase with time. In fact, the population of the senior citizens will rise abruptly in future. The number of seniors, by 2030, will have a massive impact on business, individuals, communities, government, and family as well. The present baby boomers who have contributed much to the present society and humankind will become healthier, richer and more educated senior citizens in future. As a result, there will be a drastic shift in the economy as the seniors will then represent a huge section of the society. They will have political, economic and social roles to play.

Employment will not remain a threat to the aged, as they will be highly qualified and experienced compared to the present elderly. Rather an age of serious competition between the young and the seniors is quite possible.

Empowering the elderly involves one of the primary senior citizen and elderly services which is housing. With the help of continuous income and shorter land leases, the elderly will be able to live comfortably and independently. With reverse mortgage schemes, they will have a home and will derive regular income. The physically challenged elderly will have more comfortable and convenient transportation facilities which will improve their accessibility in Singapore. The family doctors have an important responsibility of reporting the health issues of an elderly to the government, in case of neglect by the family. Also, the expenditure on medicines and healthcare facilities will reduce for the senior citizens. The government has focused on engaging the elderly in different services and availing them opportunities to learn. Simultaneously, the senior citizen and elderly services are determined to maintain a healthy relationship between the elderly and his or her family. The recreational centres for the elderly will also develop soon.

At present, the elderly people face a lot of challenges in dealing with old age. But in the near future, many countries like Singapore are going to experience a sudden hike in the number of senior citizens. Due to this hike, the infrastructure of the senior citizen and elderly services of Singapore have to made efficient enough to deal with a majority of the section who reached the age retirement. All the amenities listed above will bring a new revolution of the aged.